Raemi Blossom Bearer

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Image of Raemi Blossom Bearer

Blossom Bearer Dolls are a celebration of beauty and texture.

Each one has a wool torso that has been hand-embroidered with wool tapestry thread in a freestyle bouquet design. It is then weighted with glass and poly beads in a separate sewn pouch, and stuffed with organic wool.

Raemi's long willowy arms can be posed in an embrace or at her sides. Hair is wool yarn that has been styled by needlefelting and hand-stitching. Her legs are recycled vintage wool that have only a little bit of stuffing down in the toes, so they are suitable for dangling from their perch on a shelf or tree or wherever they choose to sit. The fabric of her skirt and arms are organic cotton from Birch organics fabric line "wildlands." She also comes with a play crown made from a woven vintage trim.

When you purchase this doll, you will receive a card with her that reads:

“This is a Blossom Bearer, a one-of-a-kind doll embellished and embroidered by hand. These dolls are quiet guardians of the human spirit. Their closed eyes, long willowy limbs and simple bouquet offerings are little reminders to listen carefully, love unconditionally, and give abundantly. Whether you've adopted a Blossom Bearer doll for yourself or received her from a loved one, I hope she adds beauty to your home and joy to your soul.”


Image of Raemi Blossom Bearer Image of Raemi Blossom Bearer Image of Raemi Blossom Bearer Image of Raemi Blossom Bearer