Image of Lumi

Lumi: the Finnish word for snow. She reminds me of the softly falling flakes on one of those beautiful, calm and cozy winter evenings. Her name also sounds like lumos--a word meaning light, like a bright white candle in the shadows.
Lumi has lots of one-of-a-kind features, such as her wispy soft halo of alpaca hair, her hand-knitted clothing, and her tiny wool bear. Then there's her vintage lace crown and the delicate lace slippers made from vintage napkins hailing all the way from switzerland.
Please note: there are also a couple of things that prompted me to offer her at a lower price that my usual art dolls. The seams on her face are not quite symmetrical and more narrow than I intended. Her hair, while gorgeous, is quite easily mussed and would not withstand anything but gentle play and cuddles. She is also 2 inches shorter than my usual dolls--about 12 inches long. But all of that said, I think she's perfect in her imperfections and I'm confident she'll find the right home soon.


Image of Lumi Image of Lumi Image of Lumi Image of Lumi