Image of Freedom

Freedom is a hippie style doll in miniature, made of natural and vintage materials.

Her body is wool fabric and her delightful curly hair is wool mohair. She is also stuffed with wool. I take great care to only buy wool sourced from farms who practice humane animal care and treat all of their sheep with respect. Wool itself is a fabulous eco-friendly product with many different uses and benefits. If you'd like to know more, please ask!

Freedom's headband and the top of her dress are made from vintage woven trim. Her arms are made with cotton and her legs with repurposed corduroy. Her rainbow skirt is the only thing brand new, and is made from polyester fabric. I couldn't find such perfect rainbow stripes anywhere else!

Her face is hand-embroidered, including those groovy daisy flowers! She is about 12 inches long from head to foot, and weighted so she an sit without leaning.

My dolls are not suited for children under 4, as they have small pieces and delicate features. Until then they are perfect for display.


Image of Freedom Image of Freedom