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Image of Delphine

Delphine knows that when it comes to unicorns, more is more! So we pulled out all the stops: soft wool roving yarn for her mane and tail, pink velvet inside her ears, the softest fluffiest vintage angora for her legs, pearly pink button joints, a layered tulle and cotton skirt, hand-knitted wool capelet, and some vintage silk embroidered applique on her toes and horn. Her body is 100% wool inside and out. Her face is a mixture of needle-felting and hand-embroidery, with the needle-felted wool being 100% alpaca fibre. It's so silky and soft! Delphine is 15 inches long from her toes to the tip of her horn. She will be a treasured companion for any imaginative little one, open to endless hours of play and dress up. Please keep in mind that due to small parts and delicate details, she is not recommended for children 3 years and younger.


Image of Delphine Image of Delphine Image of Delphine Image of Delphine